The Research Navigator provides advise and support for the organisation and realisation of Digital Humanities related courses.

Workshop: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Historians

The Basel Graduate School for History holds a workshop on the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in History research. Lukas Loos (Geoinformatics), Dr. Armin Volkmann (Archeology, JRG “Digital Humanities and Digital Cultural Heritage”) and Dr. Kilian Schultes (History) from Heidelberg University will introduce PhD students to the basics of GIS. The workshop will take place in […]

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Workshop with Prof. Peter Cornwell

On 10.11.2016 and 24.11.2016, Prof. Peter Cornwell (Westminster University / Data Futures) held a two day workshop on “How to use digital history tools in your research project“. Following a short introduction on the topic, students of the Basel Graduate School of History and Eucor network presented their projects and designed a data extraction workflow […]

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Workshop on data extraction for digitized source material

In the context of Prof. Dr. Madeleine Herren-Oesch’s lecture on “Global Moments: Fin de siècle and Orientalism in 1900”, the Institute for European Global Studies organized a one-day workshop on data extraction on 27.10.2016. In the process, workshop participants for the first time actively used the method of extracting and generating table of contents, a […]

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