Workshop on Historical Geographic Information Systems

Research Navigator organized a two-day workshop from 29 to 30 May, 2017, which took place at the Institute for European Global Studies (the University of Basel, Switzerland). Researchers from both the University of Heidelberg and Basel further explored the possibility to collaborate in the field of Historical Geographic Information Systems. Current research projects in the field of digital humanities cover the “HeiMap” project (Heidelberg) and “Global Information at a Glance” (Basel). The workshop dealt with how to advance the use of historic maps from the Asia Directories, e.g. how to make material documenting the development of Foreign Concessions at the City of Tsingtau and City of Tientsin available from Asia Directory maps. The results of the workshop encompass geo-referenced maps, first iteration of a metadata collection modelled on CIDOC-CRM, and an elaboration on a concrete roadmap for the implementation of an extended showcase in the HeiMap infrastructure. The workshop was a follow-up event to a teaching cooperation between the HGIS Club (Heidelberg University and the Basel Graduate School of History).